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Lens Apertures
Shutter Speeds
Calculating Exposure
Exposure Bracketing
Exposure Summary

Digital Tools
White Balance
Taming Contrast
Sharp Pictures
Depth of Field
Tools Summary

Rule of Thirds
Using Lines
Using the Shutter
Using the Aperture
Composition Summary

Showing your Pictures

Exposure Summary

What we've learned so far... that the sensor in your digital camera is sensitive to light but it cannot see what we do.  Color and contrast are seen very differently by the camera than our eyes & brain combination.

...The higher the ISO speed setting, the more sensitive the sensor is to light.

  ...some combination of aperture and shutter will provide the correct exposure to the sensor so it can record as much detail in a scene as possible.
  ...this correct combination of aperture and shutter can be changed to various combinations yet yield the same exposure - one faster shutter speed stop - one larger f-stop, etc. selecting the appropriate f-stop, we can affect the range of sharpness in a picture. using a slower or faster shutter speed, we can affect how blurred a subject is and that we have to be careful to use a fast-enough shutter not to ruin our picture from "camera movement".
  ...that bracketing our favorite or difficult exposure pictures can save the day.

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